Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011

As previously mentioned, the Wild Things are fussy about breakfast and lunch. I thought maybe they were getting bored with the usual. So I tried sprucing it up. Shame. On. Me. Yesterday's dish: French toast sticks stuffed with all-fruit spread with just a sprinkle of powdered sugar. It had all the kid friendly elements right? In stick form? Check. Not too different looking from what they are used to? Check. Powdered sugar? Check. How did it go over?

Gavin would rather make a monster face than eat it.

Parker pulled the bread apart and only sucked the jam. Nothing else.

Back to the drawing board. Today's adventure. Cream of Wheat made with milk, a pinch of sugar, strawberry all-fruit spread and just a little whipped cream cheese stirred in. It tasted like heaven in a bowl and had a lovely pink color. I could not see what could possibly be wrong with this.

There are no photos of the boys because I was too busy dealing with all the tears. Gavin ultimately decided to stop crying and tried it to appease me. To his surprise he liked it and ate a small portion. Parker, however, literally cried for over an hour over the whole ordeal and refused to try it. Never mind that it's the same texture as oatmeal, which they will eat. And the color of candy, which they will eat. And taste like cheese cake, which they will eat.

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