Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 14, 2011

We spent our entire last getting in touch with our gatherer ancestry. We went blueberry hunting! No, we didn't spend the day in some convenient blueberry farm with neatly manicure rows and plush berries. We drove up dirt roads and walked to remote, mostly undeveloped areas in search of wild blueberries. It doesn't get more organic than this. We even saw some of nature's fertilizer left behind by what we assumed was a bear. Seriously cool stuff (the blueberry hunting, not the bear droppings)!

Andy on the hunt...

Watch out Andy! This particular area was swarming with bees, not blueberries. No luck here. (Click on this photo if you wish to enlarge it. I think it's kind of cool)

We relocated and luckily struck upon a blueberry pot of gold.

The literal fruits of our labor!

The perfect way to end our trip - watching the boys tackle and play with sheer delight in one another's company.

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