Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August 9, 2011

Last night I was reading a blog post from The Imagination Tree that explained a concept in early literacy that is called "5-a-day-books." This explanation is from the blog,

"The idea is that you choose 5 titles from among your usual books (or from the library) and read them every single day for at least a week. They suggest choosing short picture books which feature strong rhythm and/ or repeated refrain so that the children can quickly memorise the words and join in with the story-telling. This empowers them to be able to "read" and re-tell stories from a young age, and also makes them very fluent in arange of text types and literature styles."

So this morning I pulled out 5 books from Gavin's shelf. The Little Fish That Got Away, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves, and Good Night Little Bear are 3 of Gavin's favorites. We have read the other 2, but not nearly as much.

The kids went to town checking out the books before I even read to them. Gavin tried to read Parker the Old Lady book and the Fish book. (Like I said, they are well-loved favorites of his.) He was so proud of himself for reading them to Parker.

Fighting over the fish book. I suppose I should start story time with the book about sharing, huh?

Aren't they cute?!?

There are few things that could have made me happier this morning than watching the boys relaxing with books. That being said, once I started reading, Parker lost all interest and Gavin only made it through one and a half books before he lost interest (most likely because Parker was trying to wrestle him the whole time).

But he did enjoy arranging the books afterwards.

And this is him begging for more story time.

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