Saturday, September 3, 2011

September 3, 2011

A beautiful day at the fair!
What better way to start it out than with a "wiener dun in a bun?" The kids loved the bucket'o'pronto-pups, especially since Gavin decided the bucket would make a nice worm collecting bucket. Sometimes I am completely blown away by how much Gavin and I are alike. The way we think, our coordination, even our eyes are so similar, but he's on his own with the pronto-pup worm bucket.

Next up?
The giant slide!

I see, I spy Daddy. Can you spot him (hint: he has a dark green coat on)?

Movin' up the line!

Can you feel the anticipation?

Ready for blast off!

Don't they look adorably happy together?

I miraculously caught part of them at the end of the ride despite the hoards of people!

Best deal at the fair? $1 for milk at the milk barn with unlimited refills. What's the best thing about having an older brother? Brother can spot that chocolate milk is an option. So where we would have normally gone with the white milk, Gavin so generously pointed out to Parker that there was chocolate milk. And so, Parker's first taste of chocolately wonderful bliss ensued. Notice that the half mangled "weiner dun in a bun" is still in his hands a half hour later!

Checking out the farm babies.

On those days when the baby is teething, the brothers are fighting, the husband is working late or out of town; I vow to remember Mama Pig. Nobody says motherhood is easy!

Doesn't Mama Sheep look so happy? That smile is heart warming.

They look pretty content too given their surroundings.

Andy and Gavin's dream portable ice fishing house.

Another hallmark MN State Fair food - Sweet Martha's Cookies. Again with the bucket? Sadly, most of these delicious beauties were thrown out as we didn't want to become the size of the cow whose milk we just drank.

Look at Parker's delighted face.

And now we will journey into a section of photos entitled "Parker's food coma."






Let the games begin!

Great day at the fair!

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  1. It looks like you guys had a blast. I love the pictures of Parker's food coma. Too funny! I could go for some Sweet Martha's right now, even though it is 9 a.m.