Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 30, 2011

Just look at Gavin's face. Apparently Andy and Parker didn't share Gavin's enthusiasm for pumpkin carving.

Gavin and Parker picked out these pumpkins. Yes, they are almost as big as Parker. Andy was hunting so the kids and I went to get them by ourselves. You should have seen me trying to lug these monsters through the pumpkin patch by myself! We had a SMALL wagon from the patch that Gavin pushed with all his might from the back and I pulled with all my might from the front. The wagon had small tires and there were many rough patches that I had to try to LIFT the wagon over. What a sight we must have been!

Looking on with awe.

Parker has come around. Bring on the smiles!


Gavin was not so sure about the texture of the pumpkin insides.

Carefully cleaning the seeds because his crazy mother hates to waste any of those precious seed treasures!

Parker found one!

Time to roll up the sleeves!

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