Sunday, October 9, 2011

October 9, 2011

I have often heard about the awe and wonder that is Build-A-Bear Workshop. Andy and I took the kids there today and I am so glad we did. Gavin is at just the right age and LOVED it!
First the kids pick out which bear they want to make. Then they help stuff the bear and give it the hug test to make sure it feels just right. I'll admit it, even I thought the stuffing machine was pretty awesome. It fills the bear up in like 9.3 seconds flat!

Gavin tells Parker that he NEEDS to do the hug test!

They pick out a heart, warm it in their hands, make a wish and put it in their bears - bringing the bears to "life."

Gavin must have wished for something really special!

Little Parker placing the heart in the bear after watching his brother's lead

Next it's off to the "wash tub" where air blowers and brushes help get off any excess stuffing.

Next, of course, there is the option to buy clothing for the bear (The bear itself only cost $10, but the mark up on the clothes? Phew! Watch out!) Parker's bear opted to go au-naturale because Mom vetoed clothing! Gavin's bear ended up with a fishing outfit that included a fishing vest, waders, a fishing pole, and a fish strapped to it's paw. How could I say no to that?!? I couldn't get very many photos of this though because I was too busy trying to reign the boys in! They were like kids in a candy store, errrrr.... bear clothing store. The whole process is finished off by making birth certificates on the computer.

Gavin aptly named his bear "Fisher Bear." He helped Parker name his bear "Coco." Parker was NOT excited to show off his bundle of joy. But Gavin?......

Gavin was like a proud papa!

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