Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5, 2011

We tried our hands at popcorn ball making after the tree was decorated yesterday.

Variety of hand sizes, variety of popcorn ball sizes.  I happen to think the little ones are particularly cute because of the little hand that packed them.

Yum.  Unfortunately looks are deceptive.  They tasted delicious when you could manage to chisel a bite off.  There was a real threat of tooth breakage with these puppies.

Eat at your own risk!

Our camera can snap a whole series of photos one right after the next.  I love it.  It enables me to capture some of the funnier reactions from the kids, especially Parker who does not try to hide anything!  Imagine this series as a flip book.

Pondering life's deep questions as he gnaws away on a popcorn ball.

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