Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 13, 2012

A lesson in sensory overload at the annual Macy's Holiday Exhibit...

The kids had a good time flying through the "Day in the Life of an Elf" exhibit at the downtown Macy's, but photographing them proved a bit challenging!
Mom: "Parker!  Gavin!  Look at me and smile."  Their response?  Deer in a headlight.
Mom: "Guys, look at me and smile!  I'll send the photo to Daddy!  I'll put the picture on your phone.  Please guys, just look at me for 1 second!"  Their response?  Deer in a headlight.
Mom: "Okay boys, if I let you pick out a cookie at the shop, then you have to let me take your picture."
Mom: "Boys!  Look at me and smile!  Over here!  This way!  Right over here!"
Their response: Deer in a headlight. 
Look at that.  They are looking and me and one of them is smiling!  We were sitting in a dark, quiet room waiting for a puppet show to start.  Apparently that is the key to photos.  And I always thought the key to good photography was light.  Who knew?

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