Friday, July 29, 2011

July 29, 2011

Last night it was just the boys and I for dinner and bed time. Gavin could barely keep his eyes open so I shuffled them off immediately to bed before cleaning the table. I locked Jasper up because I expect him to steal from the table. But Zowie? Well, Zowie is our princess. She can do no wrong. She is the only living being in this house that I have never, ever, not even in the smallest way, lost my temper with. Never in my wildest dream would have expected to find her in such an incriminating position. Princess Zowie on her thrown.

They had grilled cheese and empty corn cobs left on their plates when we went up. Zowie nudged the grilled cheese off the plate and opted for empty corn on the cob instead. And you know what, even then, I just laughed at her. She is truly a princess.

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