Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November 29, 2012

Since Grandma and Grandpa are in Florida during Parker's actual birthday, we celebrate a little early with this awesome cake Grandma picked up.

While we waited for the festivities to start, Gavin tried to teach Parker how old he is going to be.

Putting some real thought into it!

Gearing himself up for the cake-a-thon about to ensue.  He will not let pre-nap fatigue slow him down!

His eyes start to perk up as he blows out the candles.

Success!  The cherry has revitalized him (and given his mouth such a lovely shade of red)!

No words necessary...


One more itty bitty bite left.  Can I do it?

Of course!

Oh, do I have something on my face?  Really?  Is it gone?  Did I get it?

Going back for round two.

Present time!  This truck with working lights, sounds, ramp and race car is a hit!

Working hard, albeit with a slightly bloated cake belly!

I love this chair!

Thanks for the wonderful party and presents Grandma and Grandpa!  I loved the cake and presents!

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