Thursday, November 27, 2014

November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!  
I tried a new strategy for directing the energy in the house this year.  I gave each kid a pre-cut fleece blanket to tie together.  I don't think I fully thought this plan through as it required Andy and I to cut those darn blankets ourselves!  For a full week before Thanksgiving, as soon as the kids went to bed,  we pulled out those blankets and cut 4" slits every inch around the entire perimeter.  Tedious work aside, I think they were worth the effort.  Look at the dad's helping the kids.  It just doesn't get more heartwarming than that, right?  (We made Sophie and Skyelar blankets too but they were sleeping and didn't make it to our house until right before dinner and left shortly after dinner to go shopping so I don't have a whole lot of photos of them.)

And the piece de resistance?  Steve Smith in the background taking a healthy sip of wine!

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